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Work Vs. Play

Have you ever watched a child at play? Watching my niece play is one of my favorite activities. She is completely absorbed in the process of building and creating. In the midst of her play, she sings, laughs, grieves, and works with all of her senses. She furrows her eyebrows and looks around at the tools she has at hand, touching and exploring each of them. Her shovels, plastic boats, and princesses all bring her to wonder and curiosity. I can see her wheels spinning as she dreams of what they will be in the new land she is building.

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Facing Burnout

Many professionals operate under constant stress and end up becoming disillusioned, practicing hopelessness, and physically and emotionally exhausted—especially if we work helping people. Sadly for professionals, when things get hard the only thing we know to do is work harder. When this happens we can become burned out and grow apathetic, discouraged, and/or full of rage. The despair and isolation that follows burnout can threaten our jobs, our relationships, and our health. While finding and maintaining balance is a futile and a pointless exercise, we can learn to make our choices with greater integrity. When professionals' hearts become impaired through

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