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Helping you navigate through life


Navigating Seasons

One of my favorite definitions of marriage is “moving through life together”. This journey is really just moving through a series of phases or seasons. More often than not, these phases are laid overtop of one another and you may even be in many concentric phases at once. Just like a summer, autumn, winter, and spring, the seasons of your life will not have a distinct beginning or end but will blend and dissolve as you move from one to the next. As our seasons of lives change, marriage can become stressed. For couples who ignore, minimize, or resist this

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3 Elements of a Healthy Apology

When I was in the 10th grade, I used to intentionally antagonize my French teacher. I would hide her chalk and her coffee mug.  I’d ask to go to the bathroom in Spanish. I’d “forget” that my assigned seat was in the front row right next to her desk. I was a real prince. We had a little ritual. She’d get fed up and extend some kind of empty threat. I’d say, “I’m sorry.” Then she’d say, “I don’t want you to say you’re sorry. I want you to apologize.” As a sophomore in high school, I definitely didn’t understand

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