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5 Ways to Engage Your Partner

Are you familiar with the song “Will You Be There” by Michael Jackson? If you have ever seen the movie Free Willy, it is the epic ballad playing as Willy traverses the wall that has held him captive for his entire life, singing him into the sweet freedom that the ocean holds. If you have never heard this song, I must request that you stop reading, open up your music streaming app of choice, and listen to it instantly. In its most epic moment, this song begs the question, “Will you show to me you’ll be there for me and

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Seeking the Spiritual

People have been seeking out spiritual guides for nearly as long as the Christian faith has existed. In the early 3rd century, seekers would travel to the desert to find mystics that lived there and ask for spiritual guidance. These mystics, or Desert Fathers and Mothers, practiced listening for and to God in the silence and solitude of the desert—away from societal pressures where life was harsh and vulnerable, yet simple and pious. Seekers would make the pilgrimage to a mystic community, stand at the outer gate and ask, “Please, a word for my soul.” The seeker, likely not all that different from us, was looking for answers to their

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