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What are You Making Room For?

An Invitation to a Contemplative Approach to Your Internal Spaces by Kate Hughes Walls, doors, and windows are functional boundaries that are part of most rooms. These three structures help create starts and stops, beginnings and endings, comings and goings in the spaces we dwell. Psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually, we are all similar. Internally, our walls, windows, and doors are the very things that allow us to listen, know, and share our selves by both granting access to the outside world and a way to close ourselves in for rest. When we do not take ownership of our space by

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STRESS: Where does it come from?

What is stressing you out? Work? Family? Money? All of these? Maybe your football team is stressing you out. Or your car. Maybe it’s that relationship ghost that’s been haunting you for the last 10 years. Or your addiction. Or the decision you have to make by the end of the week. Whatever it is, it’s probably not the thing itself. Most stress—about 85%—comes from indecision or lack of control. It’s not your money that’s stressing you out. It’s the lack of control, or power, or influence. Or it could be a lack of information or actual insight into the

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