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Be Redirected

In the Christian New Testament there is a story that takes place not long after Jesus’s crucifixion. It’s a scene where Peter and his friends have been out all night working hard fishing without catching a thing. Just days before, they had witnessed the traumatic trial and execution of Jesus (their friend and mentor). During those days, Peter betrayed his friend, denying three times that he even knew Jesus. Jesus, having come back from the dead, goes early the next morning and finds Peter and friends who have gone back to their work as fishermen. It seems that working was

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Depression Can Affect Your Ability to Focus, Make Your Brain Go Fuzzy

Mood swings, poor appetite and constant tiredness are few symptoms that anyone suffering from depression could experience. But another symptom which surfaces and seems to get worse over time is a person's inability to focus or think. According to a study done at the University of Michigan, 'people with depression often feel that their thinking ability has gotten fuzzy, or less sharp than before their symptoms began. Read the full article on food.ndtv.com

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