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Your Heart is Your Home

Imagine making your home at the office, waking up in the morning on a couch in the place you do business, where you greet other people who awaken where they work and live too. You go to the restroom down the hall to rinse your face and use the stall to relieve yourself. You return to the break room, make coffee. Then, back to the office to read your one-minute motivational material from a pocket-sized book of promises, while eating yogurt, fruit, and granola in the room where you slept.  Afterwards, you move on to standing and stretching to maintain

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6 Things the Happiest Families All Have in Common

Family life is hectic. Most of us play it by ear and hope it works out well. Or maybe you haven't started a family yet but when you do you want to do it right. Aren't there some legit answers out there about what creates the happiest families? Yes, there are. Read the full article on theweek.com.

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Another Sign That Fatherhood In The U.S. Is Radically Changing

Fathers in the U.S. are carving out a new path on work-family balance. Call it the daddy track. With the “mommy track,” working women unwillingly get placed on a lower-status career path after having a kid. On the daddy track, fathers choose to scale back careers in order to better manage work and family. Or, at least they say they would. Working fathers in the U.S. were more likely than women to make career sacrifices to better manage work-life responsibilities, according to a survey of 9,699 workers across eight countries conducted by Harris Interactive and consulting firm EY, released Tuesday.

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