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When Putting On Weight is a Good Thing

If you have been in a Sage Hill Counseling office in the past year, you may have noticed a chunky blanket draped over a couch or chair. These quirkily shaped blankets are stuffed with heavy beads in varying weights. You may be wondering why a counseling center has heavy blankets in each office. The concept definitely sounds strange until the science behind weighted blanket therapy is explained. Weighted blankets are a tool that helps people in several ways, both in and out of the counseling office. Physiologically, weighted blankets work similarly to a deep tissue massage. The pressure of the blanket

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Alcohol Abuse and the Elderly

The Problem Continues to Worsen It will come as no surprise that a considerable number of the older people in our nation drink. A drink after work or a couple of glasses of wine with dinner is a habit that can be picked up over a lifetime. However, once the kids leave home and don’t come by so much or the retirement party is only a distant memory, those drinking habits that were relatively safe and stable in younger years can turn into a true drinking problem. As isolation and loneliness set in, more and more seniors are turning to

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A Happy Marriage Can Save Your Life (Says Science)

Happiness and health go hand-in-hand (and it's all thanks to your marriage) Healthy people aren’t just the happy ones—they’re now the ones committing to marriage. And if you thought that a significant other was more woe than it was worth, turns out you were painfully mistaken because a mate won’t just keep you happy; they’ll keep you living longer, too. In a study sure to tug at every inch of your heartstrings until they’re shredded to bits (because it’s that sweet), a team of researchers at the Harvard Radiation Oncology Program found that married cancer patients live longer than singles

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