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Marriage: More than You Bargained For

This is based on a homily I recently delivered at my friends’ wedding. There’s a lot here to reflect on about marriage, how it changes us, and what it calls us to become. The Judeo-Christian marriage is much more than a legal union. It’s a spiritual joining that, in it’s very nature, is designed to change people—mature them. It is so central to the spiritual DNA of life that it’s one of the major themes in the creation story. Genesis, Chapter 2, is the first narrative story in both the Hebrew Torah and Christian Pentateuch, and it sets the framework

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Finding An Anthem For Affliction

The first time I heard John Mark McMillan’s (now widely-known) song "How He Loves Us,” I was at the funeral of a high school friend who passed away in a car accident. I distinctly remember how the words confounded my mind but resonated somewhere within my heart all at once. Part of the chorus goes like this: He is jealous for me Love’s like a hurricane, I am a tree Bending beneath the weight of his wind and mercy After singing it through both seasons of heartache and celebration over the past decade, one line continues to stop me in my

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Love is a Choice: The Fear of Losing the Other

I'm afraid I'll lose him or her  can be one of the most powerful motivators in a relationship. There are many stories that shape the foundation of this fear, but regardless of it's origin, the way we behave out of this fear will either result in bondage or freedom. If we're honest, we all have fears about doing or not doing something that will bring an end to an important relationship. This fear may not be consciously present for both partners, but it's in there. There are two ways we typically react to this fear. The first, which is a

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Struggling in relationship?

Truth: We were created by love and through love to be loved and to give love. Relationship is God’s greatest hope for us. Love is the force that saved the world from sin. God uses love as an experience that exposes us, transforms us, and mends us. God believes in relationship. And yet, with the best intentions in tow, relationships with the people we love the most are the hardest, aren’t they? They are the ultimate paradox. Dan Allender states this perfectly, “There is no one I have loved more than my wife, and yet, there’s no one that I’ve hated more than my wife”.

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