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What Questions Will You Ask This Year?

At the beginning of this year, I sat with a client as he marked two years of consistent counseling.   As he remembered the beginning of this journey, he described realizing early on that there was a closed door inside his heart. The key to unlocking the door was a question. What if there are some things in me I need to deal with? And the further he’s opened the door, the more questions and life he’s found. What if…? It’s a common question, isn’t it? It’s the question underneath every New Year’s resolution and behind the most mundane decisions.

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Resolution Success in the New Year

Most of us at the beginning of the New Year see it as a time of new beginnings. It really is because we can start from day 1 and have 364 days afterwards to come to a conclusion of some sort for a solution. Of course, we also all know the trap of day 17 or day 221, both arbitrary as can be, when we decide that we can give ourselves a break for having worked so hard, and do the thing we are resolved to move away from. We all know that trap, and the sense of failure and

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