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Freeing the Tamed Heart

In the past century, the tactics involved in taming an elephant for circus performing aren't nearly as violent or barbaric as they once were, but it still remains heartbreaking to witness. We all know this magnificent two-ton animal could crush its handler instantly, and yet the elephant obeys his every command. Sometimes doing tricks that are dangerous to its own health. How can this be? How can such a strong and relatively smart animal withstand this kind of captivity? The stinging reminder never disappears—this incredible animal was taken from its natural habitat, usually at a young age, was "broken in" over a

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Last month we considered Three Re’s of Successful Couplehood. Success was tied to both responsibility and resistance, two concepts relevant to anyone committed to personal growth and maturity, whether you’re part of a couple or not. Imagine a relationship that is suffering because your friend drinks too much. Or you weren’t included in the latest girls’ night. Or no matter how hard you’ve tried, your father still won’t be the bigger man. Indeed, none of these scenarios may be your fault, but you still have responsibility. Response-ability. We all have that—the ability to respond with our best selves. Too often,

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