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Re-pair: The Key to Healthy Relationships

Imagine you’re skiing. Your skis are in parallel, until they aren’t. They start to drift a little, either from snow conditions or fatigue or lack of experience. You need to make tiny corrections to help you stay upright. Sometimes you hit a major bump and one ski veers radically from your chosen direction. In that case, you’ll need to make a more substantial, maybe even traumatic, correction. In either case, the key is to get your skis back in parallel: to re-pair your skis. This same principle of repair is key in relationships. In fact, I’d say it’s the key.

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3 Re’s of Successful Couplehood

All couples have ups and downs. Conflict is inevitable and in fact, roughly ⅔ of relationship conflict is considered unsolvable. It makes sense then that couples need to periodically renew their relationships. Couplehood only works when each partner is committed to personal health. But what does that mean? It means examining questions about Responsibility, Resistance and Resources. 1. Responsibility Imagine—just for a minute—that all the stress in your relationship is your fault. What 2-3 things are you aware of that you could take responsibility for? Are there changes you can make right now that would change the trajectory of the

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Re-solve Again

It's only February and I've failed at my News Year’s resolutions. February is the new January. At least that’s what I always say. So if your New Year’s resolutions have gone down the drain, don’t sweat it. January 1st is an arbitrary date that we’ve arbitrarily stuffed with arbitrary meaning. We have to remember that the power of a resolution is in the resolve not the date. So what if you’ve failed at your New Year’s resolution? Today is the perfect day—as good as any—to begin again. The key is to make sure that your resolution isn’t “today” dependent. Resolve

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