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As I sit here in Starbucks sipping on a Grande coffee, I remember back to the months and days that led up to my addiction being exposed.  There were many nights I stared at my computer screen hoping that the next image would bring me relief. No matter how many images I viewed, though, none brought me that relief I was looking for. Image after image just seemed to bring more despair and hopelessness until, finally, I became numb to it all. I was numb to the pain, numb to my friends, numb to the look in my wife, Jen’s,

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Leaning Into Your Imperfections

“I don’t have a full length mirror for a reason.” These were some of the first words spoken to me by a dear client of mine as she described the rule she created to keep herself safe from her eating disorder. “If I only look at my face in the mirror, I won’t get sad and angry at my eating disorder because I won’t be able to judge my body.” By choosing to do this, she shuts herself off from the rest of her being and she feels better — but only for a moment.   Unfortunately, she’s not alone.

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Allowing Yourself to Be Weak

A little over a year ago, I had the unfortunate experience of skiing knee first into a tree. In the days and weeks that followed, my body displayed the physical ramifications of this accident in ways I was unable to hide. The physical pain was terrible, but the internal dialogue I battled daily was just as harsh. The voice in my head was unrelenting in whispering cruel messages of self-doubt, shame and fear. That’s life though, isn’t it? Right when we feel as though we’ve found our groove and know how to masterfully navigate the path we’re on, we hit

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Regaining Ownership of Your Heart

We all have a story to tell. We were made to play the leading roles in our personal movies filled with tragedy, hope, heartache, loss, resilience, delight, honor, and betrayal. This array of feelings somehow make a good movie. When I look at a child, they don’t seem to doubt that they are the leading role.   They weep and wail, fight and play, and wish and ask with confidence. We all start in this place of trusting in life and ourselves, until one day...tragedy hits.   A tragedy is something too overwhelming to hold a narrative for or make

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Dealing with Addiction

Whether we like it or not, whether we want to admit it or not; if we are alive, we are dealing with addiction. It touches all of our lives. Everybody falls into at least one of three categories (usually two). We are either 1) in active addition, 2) recovering from addiction, or 3) love somebody who is. In active addiction, a person attaches to a substance, behavior, or process and progressively becomes a slave to it. The addiction persists, despite its negative consequences, and leads to a place where we can't control ourselves—a place of powerlessness. Even if an addict wants to quit, most people find

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