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We have all seen the movie where the protagonist is a totally self-absorbed character—praised and rewarded by the adoring public for some remarkable talent or gift that has lost its meaning to him (think Tony Stark from Ironman). He or she has cabinets and closets full of awards, and the next one is simply tossed aside like an old candy wrapper. On the outside they have it all, but on the inside they’re thinking, “Is that all there is? I’ve gotten all the praise, wealth, and power that I have always sought and I still feel empty.” Similarly, some of

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The “Should’s” and “Supposed To’s”

Recently, a large poll was taken in which A.A. Milne’s Winnie the Pooh ranked number one for the most beloved children’s books of all time, even beating J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series. Milne created a brilliant and endearing narrative that all its readers and viewers get lost in, only to find ourselves identifying with the animals living deep in the Hundred Acre Wood. While some of us may relate more to Piglet’s anxiety than Pooh’s clumsiness, each of the characters lives within us. Though we are designed to express our feelings, majority of us have been taught the “should's” and

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The One Word You Shouldn’t Say in Your Marriage

We could probably think of a few words you shouldn’t say in your marriage (most of them fall into the name-calling category…), but one psychologist is saying there’s an everyday verb that shouldn’t be uttered at all—and we just used a variation of it twice in one paragraph (this is going to be tough)! Jeffrey Bernstein, Ph.D. wrote an interesting article on why the word “should” needs to be immediately dropped from your vocab when communicating with your partner. Turns out, this word causes a controlling, judgmental dynamic and negative energy between couples. Read the full blog post on thenest.com.

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Be Redirected

In the Christian New Testament there is a story that takes place not long after Jesus’s crucifixion. It’s a scene where Peter and his friends have been out all night working hard fishing without catching a thing. Just days before, they had witnessed the traumatic trial and execution of Jesus (their friend and mentor). During those days, Peter betrayed his friend, denying three times that he even knew Jesus. Jesus, having come back from the dead, goes early the next morning and finds Peter and friends who have gone back to their work as fishermen. It seems that working was

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Struggling in relationship?

Truth: We were created by love and through love to be loved and to give love. Relationship is God’s greatest hope for us. Love is the force that saved the world from sin. God uses love as an experience that exposes us, transforms us, and mends us. God believes in relationship. And yet, with the best intentions in tow, relationships with the people we love the most are the hardest, aren’t they? They are the ultimate paradox. Dan Allender states this perfectly, “There is no one I have loved more than my wife, and yet, there’s no one that I’ve hated more than my wife”.

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