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Feelings are Inevitable

Years ago I wrote a book titled The Voice of the Heart: A Call to Full Living. It is about feelings and living how we are created to live. That was almost twenty years ago. I have continued to work in the field of “living life on life’s terms” and continue to experience the struggles and joys of life on life’s terms daily. I have also continued to discover how true it is that we are made for relationship—with our own hearts, the hearts of others, and the heart of God. We cannot live life fully unless we are living

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8 Principles and Practices for Parenting from the Heart

(From Chip Dodd's & Stephen James' upcoming book on parenting—Giraffes on Ice, est. pub. 2017) Sometimes parenting feels like we are trying to thread a needle while wearing mittens. By design, parenting is paradoxical and is wrought with challenges. Our children simultaneously... •  need our assurance and test us, •  learn from us and teach us, •  confuse us and remind us of what it was like for us in our youth, •  demand increasing amounts of freedom and desire security, and •  give us hope and scare us about the future at the same time. For even the most committed and

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Dealing with Addiction

Whether we like it or not, whether we want to admit it or not; if we are alive, we are dealing with addiction. It touches all of our lives. Everybody falls into at least one of three categories (usually two). We are either 1) in active addition, 2) recovering from addiction, or 3) love somebody who is. In active addiction, a person attaches to a substance, behavior, or process and progressively becomes a slave to it. The addiction persists, despite its negative consequences, and leads to a place where we can't control ourselves—a place of powerlessness. Even if an addict wants to quit, most people find

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