Child and Adolescent Counseling

We work to be a safe place for your child

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Sometimes during therapy, we get stuck, blocked, or reach an impasse. At times like these, intensive short-term therapy can help your child/adolescent overcome whatever is keeping them from the growth or changes they desire.

We offer therapeutic intensives to help children/adolescents gain new momentum in their recovery process. Typically this happens over a 3-4 day period with specific outcomes established at the beginning of the intensive.

The problem

Children are born living fully from their hearts, with a deep hunger to belong and to matter. Sadly, children learn to deny, numb, or hide these true feelings and needs in order to secure the love and belonging their hearts long for.

Often, the “presenting problem” that brings an adolescent to therapy is the result of unhealthy or destructive attempts to manage, escape, or hide their hearts.

The process

The process of “recovering” the heart of a child involves giving them permission to express their truest feelings, needs, desires, and longing by telling their stories within a safe relationship. It is important for them to feel seen and heard.

It is through the dynamic relationship between the child and therapist that true change and healing can occur.

The promise

We work to be a safe place for your child or adolescent to discover and celebrate the unique image of God they are created to be.

We also help parents understand how their own stories impact their ability to give their children the safety and wholehearted relationship they need to heal. Children are able to overcome immeasurable suffering if they feel cared for, supported by, and understood by at least one primary caregiver.

Our therapist had a unique, dynamic collection of tools that facilitated that process of healing. 

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