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Investing in our on-going emotional and spiritual growth

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Sage Hill School for Living

We get busy and forget to care for ourselves. Nurturing our heart and soul is essential to having meaningful lives. Without doing so, our lives turn stale and pallid.

By taking time to engage our hearts, soul, and mind, we can renew and refresh ourselves and be better equipped to enjoy life. Our School for Living offers opportunities to engage, grow, and learn so that you can live fully.

I enjoyed not only learning new information but also the real-life application. You could feel that the speakers were genuine.

Teaching Engagements

We are glad to partner with community organizations, schools, and universities that want to better equip others to live their lives fully. If you are interested in hosting a class, please email Dane Anthony at

“I look forward to reading my newsletter every week. It keeps me in touch with what’s going on inside myself, which I really need.”