Family Counseling

We work to help each family member deal with conflict and change.

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Sometimes during therapy, we get stuck, blocked, or reach an impasse. At times like these, intensive short-term therapy can help your family overcome whatever is keeping you from the growth or changes you desire.

We offer therapeutic intensives to help families gain new momentum in their recovery process. Typically this happens over a 3-4 day period with specific outcomes established at the beginning of the intensive.

The problem

For better and for worse, family plays a large part in shaping our view of the world and ourselves. When these relationships are impaired, life becomes lonely, frustrating and anxious.

Often families grow so defensive with each other that they loose sight of their love for each other.

The process

Often there is one family member who is considered the “identified patient” who bears the symptoms of a larger family problem. Our therapists engage the full family system. By taking a holistic approach, families are better able to identify the unique dynamics at play in their interactions. That, in turn, helps facilitate a way for all members to grow.

The promise

We work to help each family member understand how they work for and against one another. When we can refocuses the family on interactions that are meaningful and generative, it will strengthen all family members so they can work on their problems together. By providing new ways to deal with conflicts and changes, it is possible to heal and grow as a family.

Sage Hill Counseling helped me uncover the various layers that hindered me relationally and personally... pushing me towards new realms of mental and emotional health.

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